A standard badge for TC39?

Hey, I have created a standard badge for the TC39 committee via GitHub - aleen42/badges: Standard and acceptable badges list, and hope it to be acceptable, so that it can be applied in any proposals signed by TC39.

  • tc39 (normal)
  • tc39 (flat)

All proposals are under the TC39 GitHub org, which is a requirement once they hit stage 1. What would the purpose of a badge be?

It is just an interesting visualization thing and it is not necessary but it helps sometimes:

  1. Badges is more visually helpful than text
  2. When proposals are forked or cloned by others, the badge can follow it.
  3. The text can be dynamically defined like specifying the state of stages:
  • tc39
  • tc39
  • tc39
  • tc39

Seems like the badge might convey “officialness” in a way that shouldn’t apply to forks?

It might be nice to show the stage, but only if it could use the proposals repo as the source of truth, and somehow incorporate the same lookup into the spec build.

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If proposals have been pushed forwards to another stage, the committee can automatically create a PR for adding or updating such a badge. To some extents, the author of those PRs can guarantee the "officialness" of these badges.

Additionally, we can also show the implemented years of this proposal like stating String.prototype.replaceAll as image

Such a badge would have to be hosted by tc39. Please do not spam every proposal repo with a PR before details have been worked out.


These badges seem like a nice idea to communicate proposal status a little more visually! Maybe we can host them in the TC39 org somewhere. Ensuring accessibility will be important, though.