Any Idea about support `Intl.CounterFormat`

As we know, the W3C has introduced an extended CSS Counter Styles in CSS3, and for the compatibility to simulate it in JavaScript, we may need such an API like what @jsamr/counter-style has done for us. I think such an implementation can be done in the native specification of JavaScript, and any idea?

const formatter1 = new Intl.CounterFormat('decimal');
console.log(formatter1.format(1)); // => "1."

const formatter2 = new Intl.CounterFormat('lower-roman');
console.log(formatter2.format(1)); // => "i."

const formatter3 = new Intl.CounterFormat('lower-alpha');
console.log(formatter3.format(1)); // => "a."

const formatter4 = new Intl.CounterFormat('simp-chinese-informal');
console.log(formatter4.format(1)); // => "一、"
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If anyone is interested in this, I would like to draft a proposal for this.

REF: GitHub - aleen42/proposal-intl-counter-format: A proposal for supporting `Intl.CounterFormat`

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