array[ ] = variable // array push
array[<] = variable // array push
array[>] = variable // array unshift
variable = array[<] // array pop 
variable = array[>] // array unshift

I think, that like this, it's really easy to tell, what is going on with array, it's International without language boundaries. Pop is not saying a thing...

var arr[>] = true

Actually I would have expected [<] to work on the left end of the array and [>] to work on the right end of the array, so it's not as easy to tell as you think…

I doubt that the current method names pose that much of a language boundary. They are part of the universal programming terminology, which might be English-based, but is still universal.

Hmm, pacman is here too. But I meant just arrow.

It's like arrow, it's from left to right, arrow, then array goes from left to right as console logged. Quite intuitive.