Computational RAM ( PIM ) | Processing in Memory

Samsung's Processor In Memory ( PIM ) architecture enables AI to accelerate any CPU-based computation by performing the operation in-place, without the need to route the operands through its ALU

It would be nice for the specification to accommodate an interoperability, if and when the underlying computational framework exposes these memory-direct register-addresses

What exactly did you have in mind? Just describing an arbitrary architecture doesn’t explain how the specification of the language would have any interaction with that architecture.

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JS is a high-level language and doesn't deal with individual CPUs, much less ALUs or registers. Why do you think the language would need to change to accommodate this specific microarchitecture? Is there any JS engine that would like to support PIM?

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Not useful to bake into the language. Way too early to try to support stuff this nascent, just philosophically. (Remember: removing stuff from specs is far harder than adding stuff, so it's best to move very slow.)