context keyword

an array like object to view the current context in the current function. like this

var example1 = "example";
function example() {
var example2 = "another example";
///{example2:"another example"}, 

Why? What’s your use case for a “scope object”?

Your example omits example1 as well.

I think the example output didn't include example1 because the function didn't reference it, so it isn't actually available in that context.

Hi @aliibrahim123, welcome!

This might be something you could achieve with a build-step (e.g. if you have a particular project that requires this information at runtime.

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Yes, but it could if it used eval. If it’s about “context” then that’d be what’s potentially available, whether it’s referenced or not.

If it’s about what’s referenced, then that’s a bit different and wouldn’t include globalThis.

Right, I was thinking about how this tends to be implemented in engines where without the presence of an eval only referenced bindings are captured.