Create shorter versions of the access to DOM elements

tag("body") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0]

tag("div", 2) // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("div")[1]

tags("body") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("body")

class("className") // the same as document.getElementsByClassName("className")[0]. Yes, I know, that the word "class" is already reserved, but you can make a distinction between "class" and "class()"

classes("className") // the same as document.getElementsByClassName("className")

id("coolID") // the same as document.getElementById("coolID")

tag("div").tag("span", 2) // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].getElementsByTagName("span")[1]

tag("div").class("className") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].getElementsByClassName("className")[0]

The DOM isn’t part of the language (what this discourse is for), it’s part of the HTML spec.

The DOM API won't add any more unnecessary globals. You can write these shortcuts yourself with a tiny helper function based on document.querySelector:

const sel = document.querySelector.bind(document);
const all = document.querySelectorAll.bind(document);

sel("body") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0]
sel("div:nth-of-type(2)") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("div")[1]
all("body") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("body")
sel(".className") // the same as document.getElementsByClassName("className")[0].
all(".className") // the same as document.getElementsByClassName("className")
sel("#coolID") // the same as document.getElementById("coolID")
sel("div span:nth-of-type(2)") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].getElementsByTagName("span")[1]
sel("div .className") // the same as document.getElementsByTagName("div")[0].getElementsByClassName("className")[0]

(there are minor semantic differences, but in all comparisons DOM selectors win)

Yes, I can, but it slows down the development. I often write javascript programs in the console of the Developer Tools in browser, and I am doing it from scratch. It would be a big waste of time to always copy-paste some code before writing a new program or testing some new idea. So, no "sel('div')", but "document.getElementsByTagName('div')[0]" just for the sake of time. But it would be even more quickly, if I could just type "tag('div')".

If you are writing in the devtools console, you can use $(…) or $$(…).

This is what libraries are for. Write your own library.