export-default-from: what's the status?

Proposal: GitHub - tc39/proposal-export-default-from: Proposal to add `export v from "mod";` to ECMAScript.

This proposal has stagnated for a while. It seems the proposal is still waiting for spec text, but I see that spec text is already written and not in a bad shape (I did not look too closely). I wonder what community effort would help bring it forward.

On a related note, I hope export default from "mod"; can be dropped from the proposal because it introduces so many ambiguities while the counterpart import default from "mod"; isn't even valid syntax. I didn't create an issue for this because the repo seems dead.

import whatever from 'mod' is absolutely valid syntax.

Right, but I'm talking about import default from "mod" literally. The proposal wants to allow export default from "mod" but that creates quite some trouble.

That's just a bug in the spec text; there's no issue with it.

import default from 'mod' is certainly invalid, but making export default from 'mod' is one of the whole points of that proposal.

How can such bugs be fixed, though? By that I mean keeping the parse result of these:

export default from;
export default from

The only conceivable fix to me looks like this:

export default [lookahead β‰  from] AssignmentExpression;
export default [lookahead = from;] AssignmentExpression;
export ModuleExportName from [NLTH] ModuleSpecifier;

...but that just looks so, so ugly. Alternatively we can use a cover grammar, but again it doesn't seem to justify the effort.

At the end of the day I don't know why this form has to be proposed. We already have export { default } from "mod";. The proposal says we need export v from "mod"; because people expect it to work based on symmetry with imports, and that's convincing. But I don't know why anyone would expect export default from "mod"; to work when there's no import counterpart.

Anyway, my question would more be "what is the criteria for stage 2 because spec text is complete (although buggy)" and "how may community effort help bring it forward or is it awaiting design choices from the champions for the bug above".

It requires a champion, at the least - i don’t think community effort can do anything at this point.