Fast JavaScript engine for scripting language compiler

I'm creating a ECMAScript dialect: violent-es.

I don't have code anymore for proving what I'll say, so that we can benchmark, but I'm eventually implementing again part of a compiler in JavaScript (parser + symbol solver).

I had done this part before and played with it a bit, in NodeJS, and had a strange performance (took more than 1 minute to compile sources of language's global built-in objects). In other languages, such as Java and ActionScript, the performance of the parser + symbol solver was good.

I'm wondering if this problem can be solved by replacing V8 by another engine. Is there some platform other than Node.js that is fast for writting compilers? Also, why is TypeScript compiler fast if it's in NodeJS?

Then it's unlikely we can tell you why it was slow. It's unlikely though that is was the fault of the engine, given the multitude of parsers/compilers written in node.js that are reasonably fast.