Logical assignment for default assignments

A proposal for using the logical assignments ||= and ??= in default assignment in function arguments and destructuring.

I've made a repo here: https://github.com/jun-sheaf/proposal-logical-default-assignment.

Looking for feedback (and a champion :trophy:)


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Have you considered including 'logical and' &&= for completeness?


What would be the use case?

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I've far more often wanted ?? behavior than strictly "not undefined" on function arguments, and it's not possible to migrate to default parameters without causing breakage in many existing libraries.

I was just thinking about proposing this and found that it already had been proposed. I completely agree with claudiameadows. It is often the case that I want default parameters to replace both undefined and null. That is my primary use case. I can imagine scenarios where other logical assignments might be desired.

I was originally optimistic that extractors could be the answer, but logical assignment seems a very natural and low hanging opportunity.

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