Magic history of 'const' & 'let'

Please give here a brief description of the process of the appearance of the keywords “const” and “let” in the specification or provide a link to an existing essay (story). I looked through the specifications, and the keyword “const” was reserved from the very beginning (in 1997). "Let" first appeared in the specification as a reserved word in June 2011, in version 5.1. And already in the June 2015 spec, in the “ Keywords” section, “const” is present, and “let” is included in “note”. I'm really interested, and it would be great to hear from people who were directly involved in this thought process. Thank you!

Fun fact: Firefox had 'let statements' in 2006

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That is, for five whole years it was possible to write for Firefox the 'let'? :thinking:

I remember when we were messing around with Tamarin around that time a bunch of us at the office got "let is the new var" t-shirts. I don't think many of us understood why we got the t-shirts, but free swag is free swag.

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Indeed; at that time Mozilla was extending JavaScript with various features, many of them were standardised later. AFAIR, that included block-scoped variables (let), generators, comprehensions (not standardised), the /y flag in regexps, the infamous __proto__ magic property. However, those features were rarely used on the web, because, at that time, people that didn’t write IE-only code tended to write code that run on any browser. (Well, except the worst designed one, namely the __proto__ magic property, that ended to be copied by all browsers...)

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Yes, maybe someday they will write a book about the history of the development of language in general (in a popular science format), or they will make a movie about the “poor” (my favorite) language... )) That would be great!

They did!

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Pre requirements: A sense of humor and tolerance for non-native english
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