More Powerful Line Comments

I would like to embed english-like assertion statements, annotations, and sanity-checking, etc., in line comments, separating them as a new form of code

    Module: Getter
    Params: a, b, c, ...
    assert( typeof(Getter) == 'Function', (this)={ console.error'Error: Datatype is not of built-in type: Function'; return 0 } )
    assert( a>0 && typeof(a) != 'object', ()=>{ console.warning'Warning: Invalid input; return 1 } )
function Getter(a,b,c,...){

I think this would improve a statement's documentability, portability, readability, reliability, sustainability, and maintainability.

cf. pragmas in code for compiler performance, JS documentation generators

So, if I have an assertion like a > 0 in the comment, at what point does that assertion actually get checked? I assume it won't be at runtime, which is why you're placing these in comments. Perhaps it's supposed to be verified by static code analyzers? But a static code analyzer isn't capable of verifying that arbitrary assertions will always be true.