Named export exclusion & named aliases before wildcard export

What problem are you trying to solve?

We can already dynamically export all exports from a file using the wildcard, like this:

export * from './file.js';

In some cases, it would help to be able to export all exports EXCEPT certain exports, or alias some but not others.

Describe the solution you'd like

A syntax I think could work well would be to be able to use the spread syntax for this sort of operation, and/or a * wildcard after other exports.

To alias some exports but not others, introduce some way to import the "rest" after aliasing some

export {
  export1 as firstExport,
  export2 as secondExport,
  *, // rest (`*` wildcard or similar syntax)
} from './file.js';

…or to exclude certain exports…

Exclude certain exports using exclude keyword

export * exclude { export1, export2 } from './file.js';

Describe alternatives you've considered

An alternative syntax I considered, but which also does not work, is to import all exports, then exclude the ones I don't want to export via a const declaration, and then import them separately.

import * as allExports from './file.js';

const {
  export1: firstExport,
  export2: secondExport,,
} = allExports;

export { firstExport, secondExport, };

:warning: To reiterate, this alternative DOES NOT work.