Neat syntax for logging #

Imagine you in a situation, when you receive a bug report.

In most cases, you want to see some logs (but you have not predefined log statements in your frontend application) so you need to insert some of them in code.

Imagine, you need to insert lots of 'console.log' statements and it's too costly to insert N 'console.log() in your code.

The decision was found by MATLAB: they log all structures when there's no semicolon at the end of the line

So I propose to add a similar instrument to ES: we can log the result of all statements in line, that have '#' at the end of the line.


// presently
const width = getWidth();
console.log(`width = ${width}`); // very long
const height = getHeight();
console.log(`height = ${height}`); // a lot of letters 
const perimiter = countPerimiter(width, height);
console.log(`perimiter = ${perimiter}`); // 3x word duplication 
// in possible future
const width = getWidth();# // pretty neat
const height = getHeight();# // does not need many efforts
const perimiter = countPerimiter(width, height);# // no word duplication

The advantages of new syntax are described in the comments

This is a more detailed description of Simplify debugging (it'll be deleted later by myself)
I think I did not describe my idea properly in that post so I tried to make this explanation better.