observable binding

The idea of this proposal is to have observable bindings in JS.

Please find the explainer.md

P.S: This shall be polished based on the feedback and suggestions this thread shall receive.

This seems related to https://github.com/rbuckton/proposal-refs

Is this meant to be the destiny operator?

Almost, pretty much influenced by that post.

I've played with references a few times in engine262 (a = &b, *a = 5, etc), but I could never really find a real use case for it. I found myself making out parameters, but since js can return complex types from functions it didn't seem that needed.

destiny operator feels like it should be an arrow function to me, I'm curious to see more about what it enables or makes easier.

Svelte 3's release is where I first saw mention of the destiny operator. See https://youtu.be/AdNJ3fydeao?t=800.

It seems like "this is immutable to consumers, but I will change automatically if my dependencies update". Which also makes the destiny operator viral, it's likely all consumers of a bound variable will themselves want to be bound to that variable to receive updates.