Offline/Sandboxed Mode for web applications


To allow safety and data security in the web for users, I propose that we add Offline/SandBoxed mode to JavaScript and/or browser. When SandBoxed mode is on for a website when enabled, it will only allow specific configured hosts or none (e.g. CSV file) for requests. The user could force a web application to be SandBoxed by enabling a proposed 'sandboxed' checkbox + config textbox/file when installing PWA of the website as well for example.
We can also allow inter-browser communication for SandBoxed applications to allow Syncing across devices as well.

This would allow user to ensure that data and interaction with web application is secure and available locally and not sent to any server.
This would allow, for example, creating notes or word application that saves documents only on users computer and not send any user data to cloud unless specified.

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Welcome @EdSaleh - thanks for posting.

This forum is aimed more for discussing the scope of TC39, for example the JavaScript language specification: ECMAScript® 2022 Language Specification

How PWAs work, and the control of their ability to access resources is outside the scope of the core language.

But, you could try sharing your idea on the web-standards form:

Hi @aclaymore thanks for your input.

Hi @theScottyJam ,
Thanks for your input.
I have also posted the proposal on GitHub HTML specs repository.

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