Proxy operator overloading example

Could this help support the operator overloading proposal?
I wrote an example implementing some operator overloading using existing proxies.
Maybe "It's already possible to some extent" would help the argument toward full support?



Perhaps you could raise an issue on the proposal repo demonstrating your approach?


Thank you for the suggestion. (I am very new to this.) What exactly would my issue be about? I'm not suggesting a change to the proposal...

Proposal issues don’t nessesarily need to be “issues” in the sense of being “problems to solve”. An issue could be created and immediately closed to create a link between related ideas.

You could maybe post just with a link to this thread so that people watching that proposal, who are likely interested in the domain will see it and then can come here to chat if they had questions.

Thank you! I will try that. :grin:

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