Update fetch api to allow json.

The vast majority of the APIs that I have used as a developer are of type json.

This makes the following code snippet very common and repeatable in all my projects:

fetch('https://example.com/foo') // Fetch the resource
 .then(res => res.json()) // Handle response as json
 .then(data => { ... });  // Do something with the data 

My proposal would be extending the fetch object adding a new {json: true} parameter into the requestInit parameter.

fetch('https://example.com/foo', { json: true } )  // Fetch resource as json
 .then(data => { ... });  // Do something with the data

At the end this is just a little syntax sugar but I think it could be useful. Plus, is a 100% retrocomatible change because it's "just" adding a new field into the RequestInit object.


Fetch is a WHATWG specification, it’s outside TC39’s jurisdiction.


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