`window.log/warn/error` as Native Toast Notification

It could be considered a non-modal version of window.alert(), which is the only option available to quickly display a message on the website instead of the console. The problem is that alert() is a very intrusive blocking operation.

Currently there are many popular libraries like react-toastify trying to solve this lack, but they require a lot of javascript.

Additionally, a shared UI across browsers would allow users to identify and recognize notifications more easily.

I open this thread for discussion. If someone wants to be champion, it would also be very useful.

window is part of browsers, not the JS lan guage, as would be UI elements. You may want to look into WHATWG instead of TC39.

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Oh you're right! How silly of me.
I hope now I have done it in the appropriate place: `window.log/warn/error` as native toast notification ยท Issue #10008 ยท whatwg/html ยท GitHub