Discourse capitalises the title of my posts

Changing my post from the way I wrote it and intended it to be consumed actually bothers me quite a bit. In addition to manipulating human-to-human communications, this could be problematic when talking about technical topics where capitalisation changes the meaning, such as a post titled “undefined is the best built-in property of the global object”. I wouldn’t want to make such a statement about the non-existent property “Undefined”!

P.S. I intentionally capitalised “Discourse” in the title of this post.

This can be changed, but it requires sacrificing other prettification of the title. Is that what we want?

Yes please! That sounds perfect. A recommendation pop-up would have been fine, but silently and automatically changing it from what I wrote, with no way to override, is not cool.


Are there other knobs that change the user content? We should turn all of those off.


how's this look?

That’s definitely better, though I personally would remove all of the content restrictions.

I went through the settings and tried to make posting as unrestricted as possible without entirely sacrificing the benefits that discourse provides. this will be a work in progress—if we decide Discourse is fussing in a disagreeable way down the line, we can reassess too.