Final ES2020 feature set?

Can we already call the current stage 4+ proposals “the final feature set of ES2020”?

Shouldn’t the following proposal be included in the previous proposal list?

Are there any other unmentioned stage 4 proposals that are new?


I have not yet cut the branch for 2020; although there won’t be any additional proposals included, there may be additional normative PRs. was converted from a proposal to a needs-consensus PR, so it does not belong in the list on the proposals repo.


  • Is there an official place where one can look up all proposals and pull requests that were added to the spec?
  • What is the official date when no more new content will be added to ES2020?

The official place would probably be GitHub’s “compare” view, but when i cut the branch I’ll try to summarize in a Release.

There is no official date; cutting a branch starts a two month “opt out” period, which needs to conclude before the Ecma GA in June.

Then the date is June 17? When does it make sense to summarize/write about ES2020 features?

If you need a hard date, then that's a good one; otherwise it's "whenever the editors get around to cutting the release branch", after which there's likely to be only minor editorial changes.

Got it, thanks!

I’m already seeing many blog posts on ECMAScript 2020.

Having a release would indeed help. It would be an official signal that it’s OK to write about ES2020.

Blog posts that talk about specific features in 2020 are fine, anything in master on github prior to 2020 being cut is included.

I can certainly create a release for 2020 (and earlier editions) if that would be helpful.

Regarding timing, we're resolving an open PR right now, with the intention to vote on finalizing the 2020 spec tomorrow, so "soon" :-)

Good news, thanks!