Brazilian Portuguese Translation

I want to translate ECMAScript® 2022 Language Specification into Brazilian Portuguese, but I couldn't find guidelines for opening this kind of pull request on the official repo on Github. Could someone help on how to do it properly? Thank you

I don't believe we have any translations for the specification.

While it sounds awesome to have a way for non-English speakers to read the specification, I'd be pretty concerned about creating an out-of-date snapshot that might be difficult to keep up to date, and might introduce errors of its own. This isn't as much of a problem for a website, but if someone were to implement an outdated version of the specification (perhaps with bugs, whether present in the original or introduced by the translation) that seems like an undesirable consequence.

Have you considered helping with - the website? My suspicion is that it'd be much easier to approach translating the specification after logistical issues with translating the website are figured out.

Thank you very much for your response. I will look into this website problem and try to help. My initial idea was just to have a way for Brazilian developers to read the specification rather than using the translated version to build an implementation of it. I hadn't tought about this out-of-date issue, but that makes complete sense to me,