A more clear definition of EcmaScript as programming language, and not as a spec

Alert: English is not my native language, then please pardon my grammar and vocabulary, or any interpretation mistake

The EcmaScript is the programming language specified in the ECMA-262 document, and is inspired in JavaScript and JScript (inpired in, not the same thing), right?

If yes, I would like to make the below suggestion:

Make this thing more clear in the ECMA-262 document, because much persons around the community use the term "JavaScript" to address the "EcmaScript", and use the term "EcmaScript" to address "ECMA-262".

Maybe an alert in the document saying clearly that EcmaScript, ECMA-262, and JavaScript are distinct things.

Not a TC39 member, but IIRC it's for legal reasons why the spec defines it as ECMAScript and not JavaScript.

ECMAScript is the language defined within ECMA-262, the document maintained by TC39. JavaScript is a trademarked name that is colloquially used to refer to ECMAScript. That first bit is clear from the Introduction section of ECMA-262. I don't think the second part is appropriate for inclusion in the spec, more like something for Wikipedia.