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Up until #1576, the draft spec text was available at https://tc39.github.io/ecma262/. At the last TC39 meeting, there was a proposal by @aki to publish it at https://tc39.es/ instead. I'd like to know why this particular domain was chosen, or if the Spanish TLD has any significance. A change like this may have been deserving of more time for feedback, as we did with other community-facing things like the switch to discourse and publishing the TC39 website. Also, why would the second-level domain be tc39 and not ecma262? I'd expect to find a more general resource like the TC39 website at a domain that starts with tc39, not the draft spec text.


The significance was just that it's a vanity domain, nothing more. We also have tc39.org (and .eu though not sure we need that) at our disposal. If there's a strong preference to use a different domain, I'm all ears. I do feel p strongly about not using github.io, even if we are utilizing their servers for hosting.

Should I be killing the A record of tc39.es? It seemed so entirely uncontroversial last week.

I don't think we should be making any rash changes, especially now that the GitHub page is auto-redirecting to the new domain.

I'd like to hear how others feel about the current state of things before proposing a change. I don't hate it, I just think the points I listed above are a bit strange.

I'd like to know why this particular domain was chosen, or if the Spanish TLD has any significance.

(Pointing out the obvious, just to make sure everyone can follow along.) I don't think the fact that the TLD is Spanish carried any weight in the discussion, more that .es happens to match nicely with ES (ECMAScript). AFAIK, no other TLD has that property.

IMHO the domain name or the country its TLD maps to doesn't really matter. I'd be in favor of sticking to what we have with tc39.es.

tc39.es is the new tc39.github.io. If we had used ecma262.es instead, the URL for the Intl spec would've been https://ecma262.es/ecma402/ instead of https://tc39.es/ecma402/ which seems weird.

Note that the tc39.es main page is indeed the TC39 website, and not the ECMA-262 spec.

(Disclaimer: I wasn't involved in any of these decisions.)

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I am all ears if y'all want to do something different or utilize different subdomains etc etc. https://tc39.github.io/ecma262 still works, for the record. it 301s to tc39.es/ecma262.

There were concerns that search engines would discount the .es domain for people who don't browse the web in spanish, as this exact situation happened to https://httpstatus.es. At this point it is on the first page of Google, but it has yet to pop up on the first few pages for duckduckgo and bing.