Multi-lingual discussion on discourse

This was raised in the website repo:

Is there a way we could make discourse a place where people can discuss JS in multiple languages?

cc @aki and @littledan


pinging @aki on this as I have no idea how this would be done...

Hi! Acknowledging I've seen this, still looking into it so don't have a useful response just yet. It's a great idea and I can't wait to see if we can make this work.

I'll come back with news or more likely sooner, like when I'm ready to ask for help. :kissing_heart:

I reached out to Discourse support (thanks, Discourse support!) and they recommended taking a look at a few other sites that have implemented some form of multilingual communication in different ways, and seeing if any of those work for us.

(On a related/un-related note (new meta thread, for sure) I'd love to add more information to the / of this site.)

I'm not sure there is a plugin that could help us really? Not sure if anyone has any specific functionality in mind.

Oh neat, I received a follow-up on my question to Discourse, they provided this link cultivating a multi-lingual community: How to structure a multilingual community

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That looks like what we want... What do you think?