[meta] Move this forum to GitHub discussions?

Not a language proposal/idea. GitHub has just made its Discussions beta generally available, and it's a good fit for this forum. Some reasons:

  • One less login for everyone to remember/worry about
  • Lower barrier to entry to find, create and react to proposals*
  • Better cross-linking integration with ideas that eventually become their own proposal repos
  • Better cross-linking integration with issues/pull requests in other GitHub repos
  • Easier to configure email notifications, watch topics etc. I sometimes miss messages here.
  • (probably) easier for admins to manage access control

*could be a double-edged sword, but it'll give better signals by way of :+1:/ :-1: votes at least since not many people will sign up for discourse just to give a thumbs-up

Example forum: https://github.com/vercel/vercel/discussions