Discord Server for Javascript/Ecmascript

I feel like Javascript/Ecmascript should have an official discord server because most other languages, for example Typescript, Assembly or Kotlin, have one. Also is Javascript (Node.js, Discord.js NPM Package) the most used language for developing bots, etc on discord.

TC39 uses Matrix for its discussions. We would be spreading ourselves too thin, I suspect, to have more than one "official" location.

Nice. Matrix is a good call. You mind posting the link?

https://es.discourse.group/ - it's posted on https://tc39.es as well

Matrix could still be the main place for discussions. Discord is mostly being used to have Announcements, updates on Pull Requests, Commits, etc and generally having contact with a community. Similiar to an Newsletter.

For example, many friends and I didn't even know that such a thing existed. Discord would generally be a great place to improve the communication of new things or existence of things like this forum, resource for Javascript (useful for beginners mostly) or the Matrix Channel.

Due to its extensive API a bridge between Matrix and Discord would also be possible.

Oh @ljharb didn't see any Matrix links there. I thought by "Matrix" you meant, there is a TC39 channel on the Matrix (the decentralized protocol). Sorry for the confusion.

We actually did discuss using Discord before settling on Matrix. The main blocker for Discord was that its terms of service do not clearly permit posting public logs, which is a hard requirement for us, and we weren't able to get them to update their terms of service to allow this despite several rounds of back and forth.

Now that we're committed to Matrix I agree with @ljharb that the costs of switching would be too high, even if the logging issue were resolved.

The Matrix channels are linked from the GitHub repo too, incidentally. I think @ljharb posted the wrong link?


whoops, sorry, i did post the wrong link :-) That's the Matrix I meant to link to.

Oh, that's unfortunate. I still think a simple announcements channel for releases and information about the existence of a Matrix channel (for example I couldn't seem to find it on the ecmascript website) would be reasonable, since many people would just type Javascript or Ecmascript into that Discover feature, maybe then into a search engine and leave it just like that if they find nothing.

What I'm trying to say is that channels for, for example discussions aren't required at that point, but any information about where to actually discuss, etc. would be really useful.

If the effort setting this up is too high, I can also help.

An official space needs to be populated with delegates and staffed by Code of Conduct team members, at a minimum. It's unlikely that would be achievable for a secondary space, and I think it thus wouldn't be particularly valuable.