Object accessor class interface

Object accessor

obj[ >this< ]

should have method like get and set in class for automatic proxy creation

class {
    accessor read( acessor ) {
         return this[ acessor ]
    accessor write( acessor, written ) {
         return this[ written ]

This syntactic sugar saves time and space to create a Proxy. This way proxy can be directly created along with objects, with no need to separate factory to have proxyfied objects.

  • Possibly it could read even objects ( relations would be extremely readable then )
  • It could have "pass" keyword integrated, so we can parse accessor and then pass "return pass" or "pass = written" or "pass()" to signalize that we want to access what would be accessed by original access.

Sorry to be blunt, but it's totally unclear what you are trying to achieve here, what you would expect that syntax to do, or what the possible use cases are.

Proxy definition whitin object itself?