Is there a printable pdf version with proper TOC?

I would like to be able to print the spec on paper. Is there a proper printable pdf? Has anyone made a customised version?

The existing pdf versions I have found (like ECMA versions) has multiple problems -

  1. it has printable Table of Contents page but no page number beside them.
  2. It also doesn't have a digital TOC in the pdf file. If that was present, others tools can be used to create a printable TOC page.
  3. For B&W printing, some of the texts have quite poor contrast.

I was wondering whether I should get my hands dirty with Calibre and get it done :grinning:

The only PDF version that exists is the one you linked - which is also available here:

This was created by print-to-PDF of a slightly modified version of the rendered spec at the URL linked from that release.

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Is there a downloadable html version (for conversion purposes)?

Edit: Tried chrome's save complete webpage option and the output is almost perfect for offline html. Every resource other than favicon is saved offline.

Try to use GitHub - aleen42/DOM-mirror: Try to mirror the whole rendered DOM into one single HTML file to solve your problem.

Ok, so i made this version in greyscale, with digital TOC (bookmark) + printed TOC pages.

Details -

  1. Shows digital TOC in your pdf reader.
  2. Printable TOC with page number added (instead of current TOC pages). The page numbers there correspond to the page number printed at the bottom of the pages. So, it works for navigation after print.
  3. Printed page numbers will also work for digital navigation in your pdf reader if it supports page labels (like acrobat). Otherwise, the actual page number in pdf will not match with the printed page number.
  4. The printed TOC doesn't have a corresponding bookmark. This can be added later.
  5. Most pages are converted to greyscale (and darkened a bit). First 2 pages are not changed.

If someone is interested, I can make a similar version for the color pdf.