Papers: Cognitive Dimensions of Notation

Hi Folks, This thread is for discussing Cognitive Dimensions of Notation.

The initial paper which outlined CDN was Usability Analysis of Visual Programming Environments: a ‘cognitive dimensions’ framework by Green and Petre

A quick overview can be found here on wikipedia

Related, we might want to look at usability evaluation methods in general?

Another interesting resource, a tutorial on using Cognitive Dimensions of Notation and design manoeuvres in relation to the goal task.

How to do surveys for Cognitive dimensions of notation:

Link outdated:

hi @yulia, is there a set of clear steps I can follow to investigate if a design is good using this framework? I may need it for the range and await.ops proposal, thanks!

Hi @JackWorks thats a great question. Would you be willing to discuss it as part of the research call? @felienne would be able to point you in the right direction.

You can find the time on the calendar. The time might not be ideal as I believe it is around midnight your time...