JPEG progressive loading for WebGL/WebGPU


When we creating WebGL application we facing sometime with issue that downloading big texture is pretty slow operation. Browsers introduced for this progressive JPEG/WEBP but we can't access to level of details from WebGL. (Here example that need loading as fast as possible with high quality)


Since we in the web, we can introduce some API that will help us to fetch jpeg/webp from server
progressively and bind texture chunks to GPU. In fact Chromium already implemented experimental API under the flag. It's called ImageDecoder and little bit similar to existed TextEncoder API in naming.

Help needed

So, I am trying to find a champion from TC39 to wrap this idea in a proposal and add this ideas to the ecmascript specification, in the future we will create fairly complex applications with WebGPU and they will suffer even more from this issue. This is my first post here, hope I am posted it in right place.

WebGL isn't part of EcmaScript; it's part of the web platform.

Oh, and where I need to open this topic?

Ok I realized, thanks. This is part of WICG or W3C.