What should the categories be?

As I stated in committee today, I think the “off-topic discussion” category should be removed, as it invites noise. But what categories might we add to replace it? @zenparsing suggested an announcements category. I think a category where we can post questions about participation or unsolicited advice for participation would be helpful. What else?


Perhaps a “Meetings” category would be useful?

It would be nice to have a source for outcomes from meetings to be shared widely with the community, though I’m not necessarily sure what artifacts come out of meetings that could be included in threads in there.


I’m currently creating sub-categories in the Proposals category for the various stages. Is that enough, or should we think about creating sub-categories for the more chatty individual proposals as well?

how do you feel about the new description of the “Ideas” category? does it need more? do we need another category altogether?

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I think categories for stages could become problematic as proposals advance stages. How would we manage moving the conversations? How would this work with archiving?

the moving part is easy enough: any admin (or maybe admin/moderator?) can move them. i think the “Proposals” category will be way too congested without some manner of sub-category. more than happy to hear other ideas or suggestions.

I don’t think the act of moving is the hard part, it’s identifying all of the threads related to a proposal and moving them after each advancement. And whose responsibility is it to do that? The chair group?

If this is a better place to have discussions than the proposal repo, perhaps a 1:1 correspondence of proposal repo to proposal category? ie one per proposal rather than grouping by stage


Totally an option. I don’t think this is necessarily a better place to have discussions than the proposal repo. I’m not here to make hard rules about where we can discuss what. at least not yet

I think time will tell as we get accustomed to the moderation/discussion systems here vs GitHub what is working best for us. Will we ultimately make the issues queue super limited that it only applies to specific details in the specific lines of code/spec text/etc etc and all other discussion is moved here? idk idk I do think this could be better for the more broad and sweeping discussions around proposals. (Like, say, the ones that currently occasionally happen on es-discuss YES I READ SOME OF IT)

hi friends, i haven't abandoned this cause, just was needed more on other tasks for a while.

i'm definitely of the opinion that categorization needs to be a little better before i pop over to esdiscuss and ask everyone to try this out. if part of the point was to make this a more manageable conversation space for those who aren't able to make time to skim everything, it definitely needs to be more parseable.

I love the categories that WICG is using, what's the equivalent breakdown we could be doing?

for reference:

  • APIs
  • HTML
  • JS
  • Uncategorized
  • Security
  • Media and Real Time Communications
  • protocols
  • CSS
  • meta
  • web components
  • Architecture
  • Web mapping
  • Digital Publishing
  • web wishes
  • Announcement
  • URL
  • asm.js

would we want a single category for proposals and lots of tags to use? tags identifying each proposal? tags categorizing proposals with like syntax or the like?

what additional categories? "security"? keeping "ideas" for sure, the proposals category would be specifically for existing proposals. Help me out here y'all, i'm at a loss but ready to move forward.

(on a similar note, i'd like to have a ton of tags or a respectable number of subcategories available in "ideas" because i suspect a lot of the traffic would be in that category)

Various thoughts:

Seems like Intl deserves a category.

For proposals, I think we already tend to view them as implicitly grouped so it's probably a matter of making those groupings explicit. OOP (or Classes) and RegExp seem like good, clear ones. Built-ins might be a bit too coarse-grained, but then I'm also not certain how granular we want to get.

I was going to say Annex B too but I'm not sure whether this is the place we expect to have such conversations.

I think a category for assistance with spec-reading might be cool? Not sure what we'd call it; How Do I isn't quite right and Does This Mean What I Think It Means is too long. :joy:

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What about a How Do I category with a Spec Reading subcategory?


Should we add a "Newcomers" category? where people who are totally new and want to feel safe asking questions can go?

When I replied earlier, I think I assumed that categories were just "tags" and not like "forums" (in other words, I was visualizing Stack Overflow). As such, it's possible that everything I mentioned ought to be tags instead of categories.

I can create tags too, I just hadn't yet bc I did have a good list. Are you suggesting Intl, Classes, RegExp, and Built-ins as tags then?

Yeah. Though I could see both ways for Intl in particular, I'm thinking these would be more useful to be a tag on topics under Ideas or Proposals.

Can we create an "experiments" category?

oh heck yes

@yulia I'll leave it to you to write a category intro. First 200 characters or so will show on main categories page. Experiments 101